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Microsoft, Citrix, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, 3Com, Novell, and others. We are one of a select group of dealers that make up the Venturetech Network. This network allows us to draw upon the experiences of 500 Venturetech Network members who are dedicated, highly trained professionals. You can be assured that when your tailored solution is delivered, Entr?as carefully evaluated the capabilities and reputation of the manufacturer. We have also analyzed the compatibility of products, so your operation is standardized and will have a clear upgrade path for future growth.
Our network of Authorized Solutions Integrators function at a level far beyond the definition of "computer dealer." Their experience allows them to become a business partner that can create competitive advantages for growing businesses. - By design, VentureTech is like having a locally available Fortune 1000 IS Director on your team, so you can concentrate on what you do best -- running your business. - VentureTech Network provides turnkey solutions that are researched, configured, tested, installed and proactively supported to meet the demanding requirements of your growing business. - No matter what your business niche, when you work with a VentureTech member, a proven solution is always available to you. Collectively, this worldwide network has knowledge of even the most specialized applications, and of which can be brought to bear against your specific needs. - VentureTech Network members are particularly adroit in helping fast-paced businesses select their new systems, without business interruption.

The Life-Cycle Experience takes into account the total cost of ownership. Most people focus on the purchase price of a computer, which accounts for only 20-25 percent of the total cost of ownership over a system's useful lifetime, according to Computer Intelligence, an information technology industry research company. The Life-Cycle Experience consists of three phases pre-sale, ownership and post-sale - through which Entr?omputer Center will provide support and services to give you the highest return on your original investment. Pre-Sale Needs Analysis Entr?an assess your technology needs for the way your company does business and design a solution that fits your financial resources. This step includes a technology road map to show you where your business can go with a solution from Entr? Computer Center. Planning/Design The Life-Cycle Experience creates an affordable solution that meets your needs and includes the flexibility to grow with your company. Ownership Product Acquisition Determine the best finance option for your needs, such as buying or leasing. This step also incorporates other services that help you to get up and running, such as delivery instructions, hardware and software customization, and training. Post-Sale Service Your relationship with Entr?omputer Center entitles you to flexible warranty services.

In addition to a comprehensive small-to-midsize business (SMB) product line, you have access to a number of options to procure your computer system. Our financial options provide varied terms to meet your needs. Entr?by making it a most convenient means of acquiring a new solution, offers many support services, such as extended warranties, or Computer repairs offer custom configuration, efficient delivery, and work with a number of financial companies to offer even more flexibility. Leasing Leasing offers many advantages. For the start-up or entrepreneurial company that does not have high liquid cash flow, leasing can extend your financial resources and allow your company to get the technology it needs at reduced monthly payments And for the established business that requires the latest technology, leasing offers a way to upgrade your technology infrastructure regularly without a heavy investment. Because computer technology changes so rapidly, the terms of a loan can outrun the usefulness of the technology. Businesses end up spending hard-earned cash on obsolete technology. With a properly structured leasing agreement, you can replace yesterday's technology with the latest products without throwing away a relatively large investment. Many manufacturers offer simple one-monthly payment master leases that cover hardware, software, warranties, post-sale services. This reduces the overhead of making multiple payments to a variety of parties and simplifies tracking your expenditures. Benefits Of Leasing Extends your financial resources Minimizes overhead Allows start-up companies to procure technology Offers smaller monthly payments (vs. a business loan) Allows you to exchange equipment before obsolescence Provides tax advantages Order Fulfillment When you partner with Entr?a member of, VentureTech Network, you connect with the best SMB service providers. In addition to giving your company access to computers and software designed for small-to-midsize businesses, you also have access to a number of supporting, but important, services. If your business is part of a highly specialized industry, you can have your computer systems custom-built to provide the functionality you need. You even can have special, hard-to-find software loaded on the machines, have additional hardware installed and have your custom systems tested under conditions that simulate your office network to ensure compatibility with the installed solution.

You can extend the manufacturer's warranty to two or three years and increase the level of warranty service. For example, if your systems are critical to your business, you can purchase an extended warranty that guarantees you will have a technician at your site within hours or, for less technology-dependent companies, within the next business day. Transition To Next-Generation Technology The relationship you establish with your VentureTech partner changes with the age of your installed solution. Advancing through the Life-Cycle stages, the role of your VentureTech partner in this relationship evolves from that of a consultant who helps to create the solution to sales representative to services agent and back to consultant, as your systems age and need to be expanded or updated. Entr?an help you make the transition from one generation of technology to another smoothly and cost effectively. This does not mean wholesale replacement of your original investment. It could simply mean adding hardware or installing new software to keep up with your company's growth. Technical Support For The Future It is likely that your in-house technical support, if you have any at all, is busy keeping things working and does not have the time to research technological developments that could make your business more efficient. That is where Entr? Computer Center can really help out. They receive technology updates through their membership to VentureTech, in addition to attending training sessions. Because your partner knows your business and where you want to go, he can provide the means to get there by recommending products and technologies that can keep your business on the cutting edge. You can concentrate on running your business and be confident that your computer systems are not slipping into the stone age right before your eyes.

When you and your partner sit down to create a technology solution that fits your needs - as well as your budget - you can draw from Venture Tech's sponsoring manufacturers' product lines and the product offering from our supplier -Ingram Micro. Flexibility The array of SMB products available from these leading manufacturers includes desktops, hubs, modems, network interface cards, notebooks, palmtops, printers, routers, servers and workstations.

The 3Com NBX 100 Communications System - the world's only reliable local area network (LAN) / wide area network (WAN)-based business telephone system - does exactly that. With the NBX 100 system, small - to mid-sized companies and branch offices have access to feature-rich call processing, toll-quality voice communications, and all the benefits of an Ethernet LAN in a single converged network. By combining voice and data on a single network infrastructure, Entr?omputer Center can eliminate the cost of installing two separate systems - one for voice and one for data. This offers greater scalability, simplifies administration and significantly reduces overall cost of ownership. An organization can grow from one to 200 nodes (lines and stations) - with up to 100 central office (CO) lines - without wholesale system replacements, and its network can expand incrementally to include remote offices, as well as remote and home based workers.