Cleaning after a crime
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Cleaning after a crime

After we had our home burgled I had to clean it from top to bottom. It felt kind of dirty at home, as though all of our possession had been contaminated by the crime. I know that everyone whose home is broken into or the victim of a crime at home goes through similar feelings of creepiness and a need to clean. I thought it might be useful to start a blog to discuss how to clean the house or the best cleaning services to use to help your house feel like a home again. It should be useful to anyone who has gone through a bad experience and needs a fresh start in their own beloved home.


Cleaning after a crime

  • Rubbish Removal: Are You Recycling Domestic Waste Correctly?

    4 October 2016

    Households in Australia generate a large proportion of the overall waste. However, not all the waste is bound to end up in the landfills. Effective waste management calls for proper recycling techniques of waste that can be reused. While most homeowners have every intention of recycling waste, most end up adopting the wrong techniques and recycling the wrong types of waste. So, how do you know that you are recycling your waste correctly?

  • Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Benefits Any Business

    3 October 2016

    Tidying the office is most likely the last thing anybody wants to contemplate when they walk into the office premises on any given morning. Nevertheless, there is a great number of business owners who tend to assume that delegating these tasks to their staff would help them save on operational costs. The reality is you are likely doing more harm to your business than good. Although investing in commercial cleaning will cost you some money, it is a small price to pay when you factor in the benefits of outsourcing this service.

  • 3 Changes You Can Make To Ease The Burden Of Keeping The House Clean

    28 September 2016

    There's no getting around it; cleaning is a necessary part of life. However, it can often feel like a burden when you're trying to juggle so many other responsibilities, such as work and looking after the kids. The bigger cleaning jobs often get put off until they can't be ignored any longer, and this often leads to people cleaning during holiday time or at the weekend when they should be enjoying their free time.

  • How to Clean the Dirtiest Surfaces of Your Home

    26 September 2016

    If your home never seems to look or feel clean, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Some people simply never learn how to clean different surfaces in a home so that, even with the best of efforts, their floors, rugs, and windows still look dirty and dingy. Note a few quick tips for how to clean virtually every surface of your home so that it looks more inviting and even provides a healthier environment for you and your family.

  • 5 Quick Tips to Make Your Office a Better Place to Be

    20 September 2016

    Did you know that nearly two out of three workers in Australia feel detached at work and are prepared to put in only just enough effort to avoid getting fired? This kind of employee disengagement can be extremely damaging to a company, so it's vital to do everything you can to make your employees happier. Part of this process involves improving your office so it is a more pleasant place to be.