Cleaning after a crime
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Cleaning after a crime

After we had our home burgled I had to clean it from top to bottom. It felt kind of dirty at home, as though all of our possession had been contaminated by the crime. I know that everyone whose home is broken into or the victim of a crime at home goes through similar feelings of creepiness and a need to clean. I thought it might be useful to start a blog to discuss how to clean the house or the best cleaning services to use to help your house feel like a home again. It should be useful to anyone who has gone through a bad experience and needs a fresh start in their own beloved home.


Cleaning after a crime

  • How Professional Office Cleaning Keeps Your Employees Happy and Healthy

    14 June 2016

    Keeping an office clean is more than just having it tidy, and a clean space can actually improve the work environment for your employees. Here are reasons why you should always have a clean office and why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning for you. There Are Reduced Allergies and Fewer Illnesses First of all, having an office that is cleaned on a regular basis will help reduce dust and allergens, therefore providing a healthier workplace for your employees.

  • 4 daily cleaning habits of people with a spotless house

    7 June 2016

    If you are in envy of a friend or family member with a sparkling home you might be wondering how you can get your house looking as good. Here are some daily cleaning habits to embrace before you head to bed to ensure that your home looks great.  Put away school or work bags as you walk in the door Rather than scattering possessions as you walk in the door, take the extra time to put away the bags and any uniforms or shoes away.

  • Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

    15 December 2015

    Cleaning your carpets is something that you may put off until it's absolutely necessary, just so that you avoid the expense and hassle of wet carpets. However, having your carpets cleaned can be a good idea for your home's appearance and resale value, for the sake of the carpeting itself, and even for your health. Note a few commonly asked questions about carpet cleaning so you can discuss these with a company you might call or better understand why this job should be done, even if you do it on your own.